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1st Solution Home Services
We are your 1st Solution in Pest Mangement in and around your home or commercial premises.
Our Professional technicians are fully licenced and competent for urban Pest Management situations and covered by insurance.

From a basic end of lease flea spray to a comphrehensive Pest Management plan we have your peace of mind.

Pests list:
Ant, Spiders, Flea's, Coackroaches, Silverfish, Mites, Moths, Wasps, Rodents Rats and Mice etc.

At 1st Solution we will start by an inspection, explaining our intentions to eradicate and solve your Pest problems with the best methods available. This will be done thouroughly without mess, to much inconvienience or any threat to family, pets and property.

For further information or to discuss your Pest Management issues
please call John 0411 087 600 or contact us below.

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Methods Used:
Space treatment - Dusting with a high powered duster in roof voids, wall cavities through weep holes sub floor voids and high pressure aerosols.

Residual surface treatments - Pressure pack spraying with liquid insecticeds indoor and outdoor barrier treatment,  aerosol indoors were needed.

Gel applications - In cupboard areas (kitchens, laundry and bathrooms) and windows.

Bait stations - For use with rodenticides rats and mice eradication.